‘If I could travel through time, I’d photograph D-Day’

This article is a part of the ‘Triple 10′ project. I’ll present 10 photographers, my friends and acquaintances. My goal is to help photographers to expand their horizons through reading how other people think and feel about photography and for everyone else to enjoy a good photo. Why ‘Triple 10’? I asked them to answer 10 questions about photography and themselves and to present 10 of their best, recent or favourite photos. Today is Ivan Suvalj’s turn.

This guy, in his own words, has got mum, dad and a little sister. He lives and works in Dugo Selo, a town near Zagreb. He collects Pokemon cards because – you have to collect them all. He was born young and not too bright. He says he didn’t obtain any brighthness in the past 35 years. He photographs for the past three.

He’s also the guy that I go to Hrelić with almost every Sunday. We eat beans with the People’s sausage (pučka kobasica) and pickled vegetables and discuss important things; where can we buy socks with squares, why will I never cook beans as good as the one we’re just eating, what does the future hold for quantum physics…

As he’s my friend, I’ve allowed him 12 photos, not 10. He sent me 19, and they were so good I didn’t have the heart to pick only 10.

How would you describe your style in photography?

– I don’t think I have one. I photograph everything my eye sees as beautiful and interesting. But, concert photography is on top of my list.

What inspires you?

– I like to watch and follow the work of fellow photographers, I think we all find the most inspiration that way. I don’t follow individual photographers, rather photo news sites where you can see different photographs, excellent frames, which help when you’ve got no inspiration so you’ve got that visual copy/paste in your head.

What’s important to get a good photo?

– The eternal dillema and a topic for forum discussions which leads to war. I’ll skip the question.

Dream Theatre Dropkick Murphys IGS_1620


What would you like to photograph and you never had the chance?

– A little more journeys around the world wouldn’t hurt. I’m attracted to architecture.

If you could travel through time, when and where would you take your camera?

– Normandy, D-Day… I’d ask Robert Capa if I could be his assistant.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for the photograph?

-Nothing. Here and there security on the concerts asks me not to stand where I shouldn’t.

Dubioza Kolektiv Macy Gray Pavel 1


Did the photography help you through life?

– In the financial sense not, in social yes. I’ve met so many interesting and different people I sometimes wonder where did they all come from and why didn’t I start photographing long time ago.

What equipment do you use?

– Black Nikon with lots of buttons.

What of the above is a must have?

– I don’t have a bag loaded with things, just the basic things to get the job done. I don’t have a must have part of equipment.

How important is post processing in photography?

– That’s also a topic for discussion. I think every photo needs a minimal amount of correcting the basics. Top notch photographs taken with one click of the camera are rare. There’s no sensor that can recognize and memorize what the human eye can see.

Leningrad Cowboys Pips Chips & Videoclips Psihomodo Pop Simple Minds 2 Tony Cetinski


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