Bled & Bohinj: Don’t think, just go

Bled and Bohinj are two lakes in Slovenia, two hours drive from Zagreb. And man, are they beautiful. My wife and I and her parents visited it this weekend. One and a half day isn’t enough to see everything you want for how long you want, but it’s better than nothing.

We were sleeping at Ribno Hotel just two kilometeres out of Bled town. I’d recommend it to everyone – it’s rustic, situated on top of the huge rock, above the river. That’s the best view I ever had from the room. A bit better from the time me and a friend had a room in Vienna just above the speedway. When you lay to sleep, you won’t be bothered with passing cars or street lights. Maybe just a bear knocking on your door.

On the first day we were walking around Bled. Two of it’s landmarks are the small island on the lake, where there’s a church, and an old fortress on the rock above the town.

Museum in the fortress
Museum in the fortress
Bled town
Bled town

Bled lake highway
Bled lake highway
‘You talkin’ to me?!’ My father in law in a brawl with a big white Slovenian bird

PC137552 PC137564 PC137574 PC137580 PC137610 PC137624 PC137634 PC137681

The next day, we checked out and went to Vogel, a nearby ski resort. It’s above the Bohinj lake, a 20 or so kilometers from Bled. Since it’s on the mountain, you get up by cable car; I’ve never ridden one and it’s a really special feeling. High above the ground, with the stunning view of the Bohinj lake. Of course, there was snow up there and a pretty unpleasant wind blowing.

My wife
My wife

PC147750 PC147752 PC147761 PC147763

After Vogel, we wen’t to the shore of Bohinj lake. Probably the most beautiful lake I’ve ever seen.

WP_20141214_12_34_23_Panorama WP_20141214_023

Then we were back to Bled to make my mother in law’s wish come true – have a trip by boat to an island on the Bled lake. She was happy. Return ticket was 12 €/per person and an entry fee to a church 6 €/per person. There’s a cheaper option of renting a boat and those who rent it swear you only have to row 3 minutes, but that’s probably only if you’re a world rowing champion.



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