Black & white film just developed

For the last two months I was shooting with Nikon F801 and Nikkor 28/2.8 AF-D and 4 years expired Ilford XP2 Super. Here are some of the photos. To be honest, I’m having a hard time choosing which photos I like the most. I hope you like these.  BRAINEXPLODE: I just realized that I bought the film from the guy on the featured photo. The photo was taken a month later. How great is that?

Note for photographers: The negatives were ‘scanned’ with Olympus E-30, tripod, Zuiko 50/2 lens and a home made film holder. The results aren’t perfect, but they’re not bad either. I think it’s better in terms of sharpness than scanning on my old flatbed scanner.

PB216439 copy PB216444 copy PB216445 copy

Seller on Hrelić.
Seller on Hrelić.

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